About the Artist

Artist Cynthia Ligeros

“For me, abstract art can have a powerful organic
and spiritual presence.”

Cynthia Ligeros is inspired by the vibrant, ever-changing urban landscapes surrounding us, contrasted against the unique and pristine beauty of the natural world. 
She approaches each painting with a single driving emotion. In the beginning, she creates an under-painting that allows the discovery of naturally organic forms on the canvas. Through an artistic dialogue with the painting, she composes and unifies the organic forms, until a completed abstract painting develops, inspired by the cycles, emotions, and equilibrium of our ever-changing environment.
This layering technique mirrors the larger theme of her work: the hard edges of our structured world contrasted against the organic contours of the natural world. On a metaphorical level, the art of Cynthia Ligeros explores the idea of the deeper subconscious self unifying with the higher self, to make us whole.
Her artwork has been acquired by the University of Colorado Boulder, St. Regis Hotels, The Longmont Justice Center, and collectors across the United States and Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. It has also appeared in the Denver International Airport, the Madden Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, Professional Artist Magazine, FOX News, and galleries from San Francisco to New York City.

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