FOX News Interview

FOX News: So Cynthia, thank you so much for being here.

Cynthia Ligeros: Thank you for having me.

FOX: We love your work. You use different forms, some oils, and some mixed media as well, right?

CL: It’s just oils. I actually add a little bit of gold leaf to the paintings as well.

FOX: So that gives it the mixed-media look.

CL: Yes. And there’s also a lot of texture underneath the paint. I build up a lot of layers when I’m painting, so the final piece looks really textured.

FOX: Wow. What’s your inspiration for these?

CL: You know, I’m really inspired by nature, especially the cycles. The seasons, sunrises and sunsets.

FOX: That explains the circles!

CL: Exactly. The circles symbolize that continuation through life.

FOX: When you’re painting, do you throw in whatever emotion you’re going through at that point in time?

CL: Absolutely. I don’t think I can help it. It kind of comes out as a visual language and starts to appear in the painting.

FOX: These look fantastic. Now, how long do these paintings take, on average, to put together?

CL: It depends on the painting. Some paintings have many layers, and I keep going back and working on them. It could be a month, maybe longer.

FOX: Wow.

CL: Some paintings, I can get done in just a couple of weeks.

FOX: So these aren’t like, “Eh, I’m going to stay in Saturday night and paint one.”

CL: No. (laughs) With oil paint, you have to let it dry for a while, so then I have to come back to it later. I may be working on a couple of different paintings at a time.

FOX: I know you have a website. Can people buy your artwork there?

CL: They can. is also a really easy place to buy my artwork. I’m also with a gallery out of San Francisco called On my website, I have links to everywhere you can buy my artwork.

FOX: That’s fantastic. Now, does it bother you when people show your paintings upside down? Because one of our floor guys accidentally put them all upside down —

CL: Aww…

FOX: Does that drive you crazy? (laughs) I just want to know.

CL: You know, a little bit. (laughs) But yes, I would definitely be in there flipping them right-side up.

FOX: She’s honest. I love that! It was a pleasure to meet you, Cynthia. We love your artwork!

CL: Thank you!

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