Noontide Light

Noontide Light 12x12
Noontide Light 12x12
Noontide Light 12×12 Abstract Painting

Noontide Light was inspired by the hot rays of the summer sun through the glowing parching clouds.

I started this painting with acrylic paint and blended it like watercolors. Although I guide the paint, I also let the colors and shapes develop naturally.

Then I painted over that, making sure to let some of the under painting show through. The interplay of colors creates a sense of movement and immediacy that keeps the painting fresh.

The under painting process I use lends itself to creating organic forms, which I then tighten up with structural lines. This layering technique mirrors the larger theme of my work: the hard edges of our structured world contrasted against the organic forms of the natural world.

Side view of Noontide Light
Side view of Noontide Light

I created this abstract painting using archival-grade paint on luxuriously thick, inch and a half deep gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are painted, so the piece is ready to hang unframed.

Original Painting.

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