Side view of Star Dew
Side view of Star Dew

Star Dew 12″x12″ Abstract Oil Painting

“Star Dew” was inspired by the mystical and spiritual magic of the season’s rebirth. The painting is a celebration of the awe-inspiring wonder and beauty that comes with the awakening of spring, symbolized by the radiant gold leaf that represents the return of light after the darkness of winter.

The use of gold leaf adds a touch of ethereal beauty, illuminating the artwork with a divine glow, evoking a sense of transcendence and spirituality. It symbolizes the inherent radiance and brilliance of nature as it emerges from its wintry slumber and blooms with new life.

The word “powerful” in the painting serves as a passionate affirmation, reminding viewers of the inner strength and resilience that accompanies the arrival of spring. It’s a testament to the transformative power of the season, as it renews our spirits and fills us with a sense of empowerment and renewal.

With “Star Dew” I intended to capture the enchanting beauty of the changing season, with its celestial quality and otherworldly charm. I wanted to draw viewers into a realm of wonder and magic, as if gazing upon a dew-kissed night sky filled with shimmering stars.

I created this abstract painting using archival-grade paint, gold leaf, and natural non-toxic solvent on luxuriously thick, inch and a half deep gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are painted, so the piece is ready to hang unframed.

Original Oil Painting.

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