Welcome To The Future

Welcome To The Future 12x12
Welcome To The Future 12x12
Welcome To The Future 12×12 Abstract Oil Painting

I finished painting “Welcome to the Future” on New Year’s Eve. It was inspired by the universal need to leave the past behind in order to find a brighter future.

If you want to keep moving forward and achieve something new in life, you have to leave your regrets behind. That means being strong enough to let go and embrace new experiences, instead of dwelling on the past.
If you look closely at this painting, you can see the year 2000 in the background. For many people, that year always represented the unknowable future.
Now that it’s in the past, it symbolizes a sort of eternal faith in what may come. This painting is about being unafraid to leap into a future we haven’t discovered yet.

I created this abstract painting using archival-grade oil paint, gold leaf, and natural non-toxic solvent on luxuriously thick, inch and a half deep gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are painted, so the piece is ready to hang unframed.
Sideview of Welcome To The Future
Side view of Welcome To The Future

Original Oil Painting.

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