Ask Mr. Owl He'll Know 9x12
Ask Mr. Owl, He’ll Know 9×12 Abstract Oil Painting

In many ancient beliefs, the owl symbolizes change and wisdom. Some Native American tribes believe that the owl is a sacred messenger, and seeing an owl is a sign of great changes to come.

If you look closely at this painting, you can also see the number 15 in the background. In numerology, the number one symbolizes the beginning, and the number five symbolizes change and growth.

Circles are a recurring theme in my work, because they symbolize the cycles in life. This painting also features bright, optimistic colors to celebrate the blossoming possibilities of the ever-changing future.

This original oil painting on canvas paper was created using only the highest quality professional grade oil paint and natural non-toxic solvent to produce an archival work of art. This oil painting on canvas paper is ready to frame.
Ask Mr. Owl He'll Know on the wall
Ask Mr. Ow,l He’ll Know on the wall

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