Great Awakening

Great Awakening 24"x48"
Great Awakening 24"x48"
Great Awakening 24″x48″ Abstract Oil Painting

Great Awakening evokes the expansive feeling of a wide-open landscape, where you are rising above any restrictions or obstructions. It’s about the dawning realization that nothing is insurmountable, and ultimately nothing can stand in your way. It’s about realizing that you can overcome anything.

This is part of the same series as Abracadabra. I painted both of these paintings at the same time, which is something I rarely do. I usually create paintings one at a time, but I was inspired to create these two together, because I felt like they were speaking about the same universal truth. We all need that feeling of awakening to freedom.

Side view of Great Awakening
Side view of Great Awakening

I created this abstract painting using archival-grade oil paint, gold leaf, and natural non-toxic solvent on luxuriously thick, inch and a half deep gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are painted, so the piece is ready to hang unframed.

Original Oil Painting.

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