Palace Of The Sky

Palace Of The Sky 30x40
Palace Of The Sky 30x40
Palace Of The Sky 30×40 Abstract Oil Painting
Palace Of The Sky was inspired by rainbow-colored iridescent clouds I saw one morning when I was out walking before dawn. Cloud iridescence is a rare event caused by tiny ice crystals catching the sunlight high above the Earth. In this painting, I tried to capture the wonder and awe of looking up at the glistening, shifting colors of the sky. 
I started with an under-painting process that naturally creates organic forms. Then I tightened up those forms by painting structural lines and marks. This layering technique mirrors the larger theme of my work: the hard edges of our structured world contrasted against the organic forms of the natural world. It also explores the idea of your deeper self, your wilder side, your inner desires—which you may not even be aware of—peeking out through your higher self, to make you whole.
Side view of Palace Of The Sky
Side view of Palace Of The Sky

I created this abstract painting using archival-grade oil paint and natural non-toxic solvent on luxuriously thick, inch and a half deep gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are painted, so the piece is ready to hang unframed.

Original Oil Painting.

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